Introduction to Skeet Shooting

By John Tonkin

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A round of American skeet consists of shooting at 25 targets from eight different stations on the skeet field. Measurements are imperial. Conversion: 1 foot =305 mm. 1 yard = 915 mm.

Targets emerge from the high and low houses. The elevation of the high house trap is 10 feet and the low house trap 3 feet. Targets are launched at approximately 55 mph and fly 60 yards. Targets must be shot at within the first 44 yards of flight (indicated by the shooting boundary marker) but may break beyond this mark before they land at the target distance marker. Only one shot is fired at each target. The first missed target of a round is repeated.

Shooting sequence

Station 1

4 targets 4 shots

First a single high target followed by a single low target.

Next follows doubles (targets released simultaneously from each house) shooting the high house target first and then the low house target.

Station 2

Repeat sequence as for station 1

Stations 3, 4 and 5.

2 targets 2 shots on each station.

A single high followed by a single low...... (click on the image to the right to download the full document)