Safety Rules

Members & Visitors - Waitemata Clay Target Club Safety Rules / Range Standing Orders

Range Standing Orders (RSO) are written to ensure that all users are aware of the conditions that apply to the Waitemata Clay Target Club. The following video has been adapted from the New Zealand Police Firearms Range Manual 2005.  Please watch the video carefully, and diligently adhere to the procedures described whenever you are at our club.  Please click here to watch now or click on the image below.

Please click on the image and watch the video to familiarise yourself with the club


  1. The Waitemata Clay Target Club is responsible for the control and maintenance of the Waitemata Clay Target Club Range. All users of the Waitemata Clay Target Club range are required to comply with these standing orders.


  1. The Waitemata Clay Target Club is located at 465 Old North Road, Kumeu.
  2. The Club range has six DTL Traps, four skeet fields and Olympic trap field and from time to time a sporting field. There are three buildings, a Club House, an equipment shed and a dwelling house. The area has a pine plantation on the west side.


Club competition days. The second and fourth Sundays of each month. See club programme for details.

Practice days see club programme.


The range is restricted to the firing of shotguns only, up to 12gauge with a maximum shot size of 2.5mm and 28 gram maximum load. 
Steel shot is not permitted.


The Waitemata Clay Target Club range may used by the following.

  1. Waitemata Clay Target Club members
  2. Local gun clubs by arrangement.
  3. Service associations, including the Police, by arrangement.
  4. Corporate shooters by arrangement.

NB: The Waitemata Clay Target Club is not to be used without the authority of the Club management. At any shoot there must be a Range Safety officer present and the range safety flag displayed.


Situated at the entrance gate there is a sign identifying the Waitemata Clay Target Club grounds. The range safety flag is flown from the flag pole on the northern end of the clubhouse while shooting is in progress.


The following safety rules must be complied with on the club grounds.

  1. The club house. 

    - No assembled guns are allowed in the clubhouse.

  2. The shooting fields. 

    Shooting is prohibited after drinking alcohol. 

    Guns may only be loaded on the shooting station when it is the shooters turn to shoot. 

    On DTL (down the line) fields break guns (side by side and over and under) may be carried between stations 1 thru 5 broken with shells in the breach. Semiautomatic and pump guns must be unloaded with breech open between stations. All guns to be carried empty and broken or breech open between station 5 and 1. 

    Eye and hearing protection 

    Eye and hearing protection must be worn by all persons on all the shooting fields. 

    Trap loading

    A. DTL field
    All shooters are to unload before the trap loader moves forward to the trap.
    On reaching the trap the throwing arm spring is to be released and safety cone displayed prior to loading the trap. 

    B. Skeet fields
    All shooters are to unload while traps are loaded. The throwing arm spring is to be released and safety cone displayed prior to loading the trap.

  3. The club grounds in general Break guns to be carried empty and broken Semiautomatic and pump guns are to be carried empty and breach open.


For ambulance dial 111

First Aid facilities are available in the Club rooms.


For Fire brigade dial 111

There is a fire alarm in the clubhouse on the wall adjacent reception.

Fire extinguishers are located in the corridor behind reception, in the clubhouse ante room, in the kitchen and in the equipment shed.

There is a fire hose adjacent the clubhouse front door.

All reasonable precautions must be taken against fire and any fire quickly extinguished.


Emergency 111

Local 09-412 7756

Range Operator

Tel 09-412 9910   AH 027 445 6564


All users are to ensure that all empty shells are placed in the receptacles provided.

Clay target packaging and empty shell boxed to be placed in bins provided.